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Welcome to Fuck Yeah Hairless Cats! This blog is all about cats, but specifically hairless cats.
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120 mostlycatsmostly:

(via Heidi Bollich )
16 canabrokenheartbefixed:

Decided I’d finally share my secret with you all. I’m bringing home another #sphynx and we are going to name him on Tuesday when we bring him home.
8 lazpete:

Douglas och Beatrise vilar skuggan.
7 sphynxenbeatrise:

11 joleneiswright:

She is so pretty #sphynx #hairlesscat #kitty #cat #nakedkitty
10 joleneiswright:

I CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE #sphynx #hairlesscat #kitty #kittens #cats #nakedcats
30 warrenthesphynx:

Warren - yes, hello human, you are in my cuddling spot and I would appreciate it if you would kindly move.
5 sofiavikman:

Ute och gått med en naken katt #sphynx
19 lolathereversesuperkitten:

"Human mum, I am NOT in the mood for plays."
13 findmysoul:

Chill night with these babes
77 decoratedskin:

Be still, my heart.